Medicare AEP Mailer

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This effective Medicare mailer is ideal for use during the Annual Election Period (Open Enrollment) to attract immediate attention and get you in front of eligible Medicare recipients.     

NEW:  We now guarantee the minimum combined reply rate of 1%! †

Standard features included in this offering are:

  • Marketing List at no additional cost*
  • 8"x6" perforated card mailer (click on the image above see the full sample)
  • First Class Outbound Postage!  It takes between 48 - 60 hours to get your ordered dropped by USPS
  • First Class Reply Postage to ensure you get responses fast
  • Scanned reply cards will be posted on a secure site.  We will send you an email aler the first time cards are posted to your personal directory
  • If you don't choose the toll-free option, the primary phone number in your profile will be printed on the mail piece.  You can specify a different number at checkout.

Add-on features:

  • Individual toll-free (1-888) number will be set up for you with incoming calls forwarded to the phone number of your choice or to voice-mail for just 2 pennies per card.
  • The number will be printed on the card along with your name and will be active for 45 days after the mail drop date
  • You can track, control all incoming calls via a simple-to-use website, including changing the forwarding features.  
  • We will send you login details for the site once your order is processed

Customizations are available often at the same cost but will be subject to a quick review for compliance.  Contact us and we will be happy to tailor the product to your needs.


† Combined return guarantee of 1% on all orders of 1000 or more pieces where the toll-free add-on feature was used.  The combined rate is calculated as the sum of the reply cards and calls from unique originating phone numbers as measured 60-days from order date.  We will continue mailing for no additional charges until the target rate was achieved or issue a prorated refund at SIL's discretion. Customizations, such as altering the content or layout of the card or marketing list filters voids the guarantee. 

* By default the marketing list used for the Medicare AEP direct mail campaigns would be filtered to select prospects between the ages of 65 and 80 years old in the target geographic area.   If you'd like to change the above criteria, please indicate so in the Comments box on the Checkout page before completing your order.  There is NO additional fee for this customization.

** Even though this mailer was initially designed to comply with generic mailer rules published by CMS, SIL bears no responsibility for on-going compliance due to frequent changes in the CMS marketing guidelines.  Click here to download the latest version of the CMS Marketing Guidelines document directly from the CMS website.